Be Healthy, Fitter, Energetic, Resilient.


Develop Success Mind-Set. Get control of your life.


For fastest , safest , guaranteed results.


Core-Strength, Posture, Balance, Flexibility, Stamina.


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My passion and vision for YOU is to get you excited about your Happy, Healthy life.

This is why I have created a step-by-step Holistic System just for YOU, that delivers RESULTS safely, effectively and in a FUN way, outdoors, at one of the many beautiful parks of your choice in Melbourne.

You’ll learn how to make slow & cumulative changes for life-long improvement in Your own Health, mentally and physically.

Imagine how will that effect your family and loved ones, YOU being a good role model for  them all.

You will  identify your stumbling blocks – limiting beliefs – so you can, finally, smash them forever.


Professional, Busy, Stressed, Overweight Women

YOU want to look and feel amazing standing naked, in front of a mirror, on the scales.
It all seems so damn hard so YOU give up, yet again, making YOU Sad and Depressed
YOU'VE wanted to Drop 2 dress sizes for such a long-time but the weight always comes back, fast
YOU really want to feel, and be, Healthier and Stronger. For yourself. For your family. For your future
How do YOU quickly set a better example and supportive habits for your kids?
YOU want more time and energy to finally do the things you love: traveling, gardening, playing tennis, seeing friends, etc.
YOU want small, simple tactics for healthy Weight Loss, Emotional Eating and effective Physical Activity, saving you time
YOU want more Self-Confidence and Energy to impress AND attract the opposite sex
YOU decided “Enough Is Enough! No more struggling with diets!”


Womens fitness coach melbourne

The Time for a Courageous Action is  NOW

You don’t have to go it  alone

As a Health Coach & Fitness Trainer for over 10 years, I have the expertise, experience and passion to show you what’s possible.


Learn how other women just like you are succeeding with my program !


No matter what your situation or struggle is, you will discover The  Way to a healthy and happy  Body and Mind.
p.s.   Feeling great is the best motivation.  Let’s talk.



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